The story that I’m about to tell you starts in Romania in 2009 with me working in a sales room and heating it.

I’ve graduated university in 2008 and this office job that I had got seemed a lifesaver at the beginning, however, turn out to be just another corporate job with long hours and very high targets, and me just hamster riding my wheel for that monthly cheque.

So after more than half year of being “a suit”, I decided that this is not me and try to focus my energy towards something I will enjoy doing and be of service to people in the same time.

At the moment I was sharing a flat with my best friend who was a cocktail bartender in a hot nightclub.

Now… this guy had a great life

He was having an amazing time at work, always surrounded by happy, beautiful people, always full of energy and joy, invited to amazing events and parties.

He would be proud of his work, juggling bottles and making amazing cocktails- a true superstar

To put it in one word he was Tom Cruise starring in the movie “Cocktail”

So when the question “what should I do next” came, the answer was just in front of my eyes.

I quickly applied to work for the summer in Greece and got accepted in a 5-star hotel in Santorini.

Luckily for me, they have a position for a cocktail bartender available and that was my first job behind the counter.

I came back in Romania that fall, got a job at a newly open bar, met my current girlfriend (who is working in the same trade) and since then we just been traveling and living in different places.

It was kind of easy for us to live this lifestyle due to the fact that we work in the bar and restaurant business, and because we can speak several languages (none of them perfect though).

It was an amazing 7-8 years, we got to meet a lot of people, made dozens of friends, seen beautiful places and had the privilege to work in amazing bars.

However, last year I turned 30 and what seemed great a few years ago now it was just ok.

Don’t get me wrong.

I still love what I do. I love making nice cocktails to people who appreciate them (and who doesn’t, right?), I love doing flair behind the bar(juggling bottles) and getting applauses, and just interacting with people in general.

But on the other hand I wanted to have more time to myself, or just to spend it with my girlfriend, my friends, and family.

And to be honest I wanted to work behind the bar just the hours I wanted, without having to do extra shifts because I needed the cash.

So I started researching online for ways to get a passive income, that would allow me to cut my working hours and focus more on my personal life.

As simple as it may seem, that step- the research was probably the hardest one.

We now live in the age of information where everything is just a click away.

The problem is, there so much information out there that is quite difficult to find something of value or something that is not a get rich fast scheme.

Anyways, after a few months of searching, at a point where I was almost ready to give up, I came across this community of digital entrepreneurs.

A video appeared in my newsfeed with this couple who were no more than 25-26 yo and  they explained how their life had been changed and how they managed to quit their full-time jobs and make an income working online by joining this community

I was instantly hooked and join myself to see what is it all about.

It has been 5 months since I’m apart of this amazing community, and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I had ever taken.

I basically joined to learn how to make money online, but I got so much more in return.

The training given by this company could be applied to every single aspect of my life thus improving the way I think, the way I behave in society, the way I eat, even my relationship with my girlfriend was affected in a good way.

Looking back now, I  realize that by positioning myself as a member of this community I was able to tap into their collective consciousness and be able to take their values and apply them in my own life.

All of a sudden I was focused, and present all the time.

I would spend all my free time growing my online business or just educating myself in different areas that  I think are useful to me

I would work out every day and switch to a vegan diet

I would meditate every day

I am learning 3 other languages and improving my English by reading at least 1 hour per day books in English.

And so many others.

So, a few days ago I realized all of this, and immediately a thought crossed my mind:

“what if, there are people out there, that are in the same situation as you were 5 months ago”?

And I said to myself, I must do something and tell my story even though my English is far from perfect and I am a bit shy when it comes to being in the spotlight

So I really hope you get inspired from my story, I hope you got some value from this, and whenever you feel that you can’t do something just remember this: if a guy from Romania, could change his life and reinvent himself in so many ways, even though he had to start from scratch, what’s my excuse?

I remember when I spoke my consultant after joining the community, and he told me something that I would never forget.

He said:

“Alex, you see all these successful people in the world? It seems that they are flying through life, isn’t it?

And I said: Yes it does

“Well, this is because they had to jump at some point even though they did not know how to fly “

Thank for your time

All the best.