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Posted by historyalex on June 27, 2017

Persistence is the Key to Success

Persistence is the Key to Success and the main secret of those who live a fulfilled life.

There is nothing better to describe something than with a real life example, and for this subject, I will pick Gary Vaynerchuk because you can’t get more persistent than this guy.

For those of you who have not heard about Gary or don’t know how he became a BILLIONAIRE, I will quickly share his story.

He came with his family in America when he was a kid, running from Soviet persecution in  Eastern Europe as they were Jewish.

Arriving as immigrants they were dead broke, so his parents had to work hard and save a lot, to be able to live in a tiny apartment.

With a lot of labor and determination, after a few years, his dad was able to open a liquor shop and Gary, being the older son, had to work in the family business.

Here is where PERSISTENCE and SUCCESS come into place: he had to work in this shop from the age of 14 until he was 30, from dusk to dawn, every day, no vacations, no days off !!!

In this time he saved all of his wages, not spending on anything that wasn’t of immediate importance, so by the end of these 16 years, he had a few hundred thousand dollars to invest and a lot of experience in business and marketing.

He invested wisely and those hundred of thousand turned into millions and so on, until the point that now he has the funds to buy the NY Jets.

On top of that, by the time he turned 30, he took his dad’s business to a value of 30 million dollars.

This is, in my opinion, the best motivational story, and can help anyone who is in a pursuit of a goal and reaches a roadblock or thinks of quitting.

Gary’s rules are simple and can be applied in any area, in fact, there is only one that needs following on a daily basis: WORK, WORK, and then WORK some more.

He knows, like any other successful man, that PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCES and this is why he advises anyone to take action, but in the same time to do it wisely.

So one should be super engaged and active on a micro level (a time frame of 24 hours) and turn every minute into value, however on the macro level ( years or even tens of years) he/she should be patient because a business or a career needs a lot of time until it becomes really successful.

On a personal note, I might add that there is one more ingredient missing in this “success soup” and that is passion.

Why is passion really important?

Chances are you are not like Gary (a Russian working machine that breaks all barriers with ease and has the stamina to do it for 15 years straight) and belong to the rest of 90% of the population.

In this case, you will inevitably, reach a point where you: can’t progress/feel discouraged/get bored/are lazy/get too much criticism/hit a dead end, and think about quitting.

Passion for your end-goal or for the actual action that you are engaged in will represent the main factor that will keep you on track.

More, the level of passion must be directly proportional or higher than the mudhole that you find yourself in at that point, otherwise, it will be very difficult to get out of it and carry on.

So let’s recap all that I said earlier:

  • Place and end-goal or start something that is passion driven
  • Take action every day by working on your goal/business
  • Be patient on the long term and give your dream time to materialize

There are a lot of reasons why companies or businesses fail, and far more excuses why people give up on their dreams, but when looking from a higher perspective they all have something in common and that is a lack of persistence.

So whenever you find yourself in that dark, lonely spot, surrounded by fears and doubt, remember that quitting is not an option and that persistence is the key to success!

Hope you got some value out of this and I wish you a great day!






Posted by historyalex on June 25, 2017

Time management tips


Hi there

Before we start speaking about time management, let’s briefly have a look at this “thing” called personal time.

If you would ask me to define time, I would say it is the only thing, a person, truly possess; the rest of them, being illusionary or temporary belongings ( and yes I mean everything: from your house which can be taken by the bank, up until your body which has a lifespan of no more than 100 years).

Many people don’t realize that time is actually the most expensive commodity on the market.

You may think that when you buy something you pay it with money, but in fact, it’s your time that is traded.

How come?

Well in order to have that money, you had to work for it, and that implies to spend a number of hours somewhere, doing something, right?- time lost.

Even to get to that point where you could get a job, you had to go to school, and that was paid with…exactly- your time.

We see all around the world experts in different fields, knowing their business.

All of them, no exception, had to spend many numbers of hours doing that specific thing in order to get where they are.

Some say it takes 10.000 hours for a person to master one thing: that is roughly 8 hours per day for 4 years.

So knowing that a person lives 80 years( more or less) we can say that all his time can be quantified in value of any kind (material possessions, knowledge in an area,  or talent that is taken to the level of art)

So putting all of this in perspective, do you think your time is of value?

Hell, yes!If you going deep on this topic you will realize how much time(value/resources) is wasted on a daily basis on stuff that doesn’t bring any value to your life like scrolling on Facebook, Twiter or Instagram, watching tv shows,  texting, or just doing nothing.

If you going deep on this topic you will realize how much time(value/resources) is wasted on a daily basis on stuff that doesn’t bring any value to your life like scrolling on Facebook, Twiter or Instagram, watching tv shows,  texting, or just doing nothing.

Add that time to a life and you will get a few years lost on playing CandyCrush.

Here’s the catch: the reverse applies as well, meaning that if you do something every day for a long period of time, eventually you will get value out of it because it becomes a skill.

To give you an example, 2 years ago I set a goal to do at leats 20 min of Spanish lessons every day.

The result?

I can now speak very good Spanish and started Italian and French a  few months ago( which are easier to learn because my brain is already trained in this way).

My secret?

I never skipped a day, no excuses allowed.

So my tips for time management are quite simple:

-Get rid of nonimportant, time-consuming things,

-Make good habits( start small and increase in time),

-Stick with them.

For me, a book that changed my life on this aspect is “The one Thing” by Garry Keller.

The information on this book is mind-blowing and I encourage you to give it a go.

Hope this of value for you.

All the best.




Posted by historyalex on June 23, 2017

Why is Facebook so successful!?

Ok, I’m not reinventing the wheel by asking this question.

The obvious is there: Facebook is one of the most successful companies … ever!

However, they don’t actually have a product to sell as the rest of the traditional companies and still compete with very large corporations like McDonalds, Shell, or Apple.

And before I’ll tell you the reason, we have to briefly look at the social environment of today’s world.

Roughly 10 years ago a technology bomb exploded on our planet and if you’re not living high in the Himalayas or deep in the Amazon,  chances are you have felt it’s full intensity.

I personally see this “digital technology” as the second discovery of fire, just because, it gave Man a totally new perspective of the world and the implications of it can be seen in every single aspect of our lives.

We are now more connected than ever and that changed the rules of the game:

How can I trust the mainstream media when I see a Facebook Live telling me otherwise?

How can I pay $200 for a hotel room when I can rent a full apartment with $50 on Airbnb?

Why should I waste my time going to the Mall to buy a new TV when Amazon is selling it at 20% off and it gets it delivered to my doorstep?

My point is: the Old World is quickly being eaten by the New World and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

You either go along with the flow and take advantage of this new “fire” or swim against the current and “eat berries and live in the cave”.

Of course, with every big revolution, great visionaries are created, taking humanity to the next level by handing us the tools of the new world.

And by far the biggest one yet is Facebook.

Now, as I said earlier Facebook doesn’t have any products or services.

It’s basically just a platform where people interact and share their digital experiences.

The Secret of Facebook is simple: it mimics Life.

It is the first digital tool that mimics all aspects of our lives by using algorithms.

In Facebook, like in real life, you have your friends with whom you interact, socialize, and sometimes you unfollow or ignore them.

You belong to different groups, some public( like your neighborhood), others private( I’m not going to get into those).

You like some the things that you see in Life/Facebook and in return, L/F gives you more of those according to your actions.

You can advertise to your community in real life/Facebook and sell your goods or services or you can ask for a job/ look for people to work for you.

And nevertheless, share your experiences with your friends and family.

All in all, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg spotted this opportunity and materialized it in this amazing platform.

What did he actually see?

He saw that everything constructed by man is a mere copy of nature( from clothing and houses up to helicopters and sports cars), and created something according to that.

He saw that all aspects of our lives will move into the online world.

And last, he applied one basic rule of the Universe: “give and you shall receive”.

So now, that we put all this in perspective, I have a question for you:

What criteria should a company or a person meet in the new digital world?

I’m pretty sure you know the answer.

In my opinion, if you want to succeed, you need to have the followings as your base no matter what the field of operation:

  • link your activity/business/job with the online world and get followers or just connect with people like you.
  • if you want to be an entrepreneur focus on something that will help people or solve any kind of problems.
  • always give, give, give and then give some more, because at some point you will receive it tenfold.
  • automatize all that is possible- time is slowly but surely becoming the most valuable commodity on the market (don’t sell yours cheap!)

Thank you for your time and hope my insights were of help to you




Posted by historyalex on June 19, 2017

Find your balance so you can have peace

Probably the most desired thing in the whole world- peace, is the end goal behind every wish.

Whether you want financial stability and freedom, a happy family, a better job or to be your own boss, or whatever means to a goal, deep down in your heart you’re probably looking for the same feeling, and that is peace.

Now, peace of mind is something people have tried to achieve: consciously (through meditation and prayer) or unconsciously ( just by pursuing happiness), by letting go of all possessions or by gaining as much as possible.

Gautama Siddhartha as he was trying to achieve Nirvana and become the Buddha he realized that by going to the extreme with fasting, meditation, and isolation he would never reach that wanted state of mind.

He said that a human being is just like a violin chord, if it’s too loose it will not play and if it’s too tense it will snap, so you have to calibrate it perfectly to be able to get the desired sound, and that takes patience, focus, and awareness.

So if you want to achieve your personal Nirvana or your state of peace you have to find the equilibrium in your life.

Even though we are different from each other, even though we have different qualities, dreams, and expectations, our basic needs are pretty much the same, because we are all made from the same pattern: body-mind-spirit.

This is where people( in my opinion) make the biggest mistake: they do not acknowledge all these 3 aspects of our life and focus only on one or two of them, neglecting the third.

It’s like having three kids and playing, nurturing, and taking care of just one or two, thus leaving the third to starve.

90% of the population do not take care of their third child: body (bad diet, not working out, drinking, smoking, etc), mind (lazy, jealous, selfish, addicted to stuff), spirit (not being present and aware of its own intuition)

But on the other hand what happens when you have three children and give them the same amount of love, attention, and care, even though your resources may be limited?

They appreciate you, love you back and more important than that they are not envious of each other and collaborate in good brotherhood.

I ask you, can it be the same with your human aspects?

Can it be that one of your “children” feels neglected and speaks to your through a disease, perhaps, or not having that flow in your life or through extended stress?

I think Yes.

And every time we find ourselves in those moments where things are not moving in the right direction, let’s just stop and analyze, and see which part of us needs working on, and which of our chords need to loosen.

You see peace can be attained quite easily if one has the proper awareness to observe his life from a different perspective and act according to its instinct.

We all saw those people who vibrate and radiate pure happiness and strength, and who seem to fly through life completing with ease every goal they set.

Could it be that all of them have taken care of their body, stayed focus,  and have been grateful and compassionate?

I really hope this article has brought value into your life and I wish you all the best



Posted by historyalex on June 18, 2017

Dust yourself off and try again!

“Dust yourself off and try again”

This is what I always say when I find myself in that place of fear, or just disappointed for the results of my actions.

You see, life is cyclical, in fact, this is the basic law of the Universe: Duality.Where there is light, it will be darkness, sadness is followed by laughter, youth by old age, and a human is completed by its partner

So it’s only natural to find duality all around us, everything has ups and downs: plants, animals, nature, seasons…so why not our state of mind?

We all crave for happiness, peace, and joy but this is just not the purpose of life on Earth.

A person can not appreciate peace entirely until she or he has tasted from the sour fruit of suffering, one can not expect glory until he made pain his ally, and courage does not reveal until one choke in its own fear.

It’s true to say that every human hits at some point that wall of despair, that moment where there’ s no solution and no way out.

That just comes with life.

It is how we manage those situations, where everything breaks down to one single, simple decision: pick yourself up and shake it off or stay down defeated.

We are all pretty much the same in many ways, however, the winners of this game called “Life On Earth” and the champions of the world, that 1% of the population have an extra feature that differentiates them from the rest, and that is Persistence.

They will continue even though they are filled with fear, even though their body no longer responds, even though everything seems finished, even though they may die in the process.

There are so many cultures on this planet, everyone with its own sagas and stories, but in every culture, you can find the voyage of initiation,  of the hero who embarks on the journey of finding that great treasure.

He is helped along the way by different characters, just so he can continue a bit further,  he fights terrible monsters, and when all seems gone, when there is no more hope and he is surrounded by dark forces and legions of demons, he takes one more deep breath and throws his last hit.

And that last hit was all he needed, as the demons or just illusions and the dark forces were no more than clouds.

Make no mistake, this story can be found everywhere in the world because it doesn’t belong to one culture or nation but it is rooted deep within every single human being and ready to reveal its self whenever we have to courage to follow this path.

It is the common noun that unites us in our personal quests.

We are all living our own saga, fighting our own fears, monsters, demons, and we all seek that treasure called Soul.

So wherever you are in your journey, whatever forces you have to fight back, never give up, take one more step, because it may just be the last one in reaching your goal.

We are all heroes in our personal lives and all have vicious fears to overcome.

We just need to remember that we are already born with all the tools required to win.

This is for you, the one who never gives up, the one who is always playful, the one who is compassionate, the one who is true to himself no matter what.



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Posted by historyalex on September 10, 2017

Take a deep breath before the dive

It is the 29th of August 2017.

Just finished my last shift at the place where I worked for the last two and a half years and as I was walking home I realized that that was it. A chapter is ending and like everything in life, new door steps are waiting to be crossed.

Even though I am really excited for what is due to come, (and for those of you who are getting out of the comfort zone on a regular basis – you know the cocktail of emotions: excitement, fear, happiness, worry, joy, and anxiety), I feel the urge to  stop for a moment and look back, analyze and draw some conclusions.


So to rewind a bit, we are in March 2015 in Bucharest (Romania) and Mary and I take the decision to change the scenery and move…anywhere.

We open ourselves to the idea of moving, search a little on the Internet, and basically let the Universe do what it does the best: direct you where you belong.

Soon enough we get an invitation from a friend of ours who is living in Canterbury, GB to come and stay there for the summer.

We check out the place on Google, like it, and decide that that is the place we want to call “home” for the next part of our lives.

Take a deep breath before the dive

I now find myself in the same spot where I was two years ago, having to leave the safety of a well-paid job, the comfort of a house that now has my energy, and most important the friends and relationships that brought me some much joy.

I know this feeling very well, I hate it and at the same time, I’m addicted to it.

We can call it change, transformation or even evolution.

I just call it “living”.


Because for me this is the only time when I feel that I am alive. When I willingly leave the comfort of a good life, give up almost all my material belongings to start over from scratch in a foreign place.

This is the fourth time that I’m pulling this off since 2011, and I think It has become a lifestyle for me and Mary.

We only take this step, of moving further, when the place that we are living in, and ultimately the environment and people have nothing more to teach us. Routine is, in my opinion, the number one killer of joy.

Again, I find myself at the crossroad of Comfort and New, and again I choose without blinking the second option, even though the road to New is foggy, unpaved and has no traffic signs.

Again, I look up, take a deep breath, and dive in Life.

My biggest Fear VS my biggest Rewards

Now, you may think that I am born adventurer, a guy that laughs at fear in its face, or some sort of Indiana Jones, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

My biggest fear is the fear of new, unknown, and change.

I was born in the sign of Cancer, and have been fascinated with astrology since I was a kid. It’s because of this reason, I started learning about stereotypes and the influence of the planes on the human psyche.

It turns out the people born under this sign have the characteristics of a crab: they love the beach, they like to gather stuff, they are family people and don’t get far away from the loved ones, and at the very first sign of threat they withdraw in their shell. We are not build to take risks.

And I honestly lived by these rules for almost all my life, calculating all my risks, making plans, making plans of the plans and so on, until every angle was analyzed and there was no room left for uncertainty.

This way of living gave me a comfortable ride and that’s about it.

The first time I had to make this kind of major changes in life I was forced by circumstances and tried with all my strength to cling on what was then my comfort zone( even though that reality was falling apart like a sand castle).

I realized that the Universe was screaming at me through every possible means to make that change.

When I actually decided to take action, I realized that the new paradigm was much more comfortable, and had much more benefits than the last one.

Realising this was a big Eureka moment in my life.

I observed the intricate system of thoughts that my fear was using against me when the opportunity arrived.

And this is all I needed to know.

I learned how fear is working.

When getting out of your comfort zone becomes a routine

I am in that same place, only the country is different:

I’ve sent all that needed to be sent to my parent’s house.

Sold or trashed anything that was an extra weight.

Checked with my bank.

Done all the paperwork.

Took the vaccines.

Done my travel insurance.

Take a deep breath before the dive.





Posted by historyalex on July 4, 2017

My personal four ways to get back on track fast

My personal four ways to get back on track fast

These are my personal four ways to get back on track whenever I feel that I’m not living life to my highest potential.

We all know that life is cyclical and we can see all around us that everything has ups and downs, so the problem isn’t you having a bad day/week/month, rather if you can get out of it.

If you have basic astrology knowledge you should know that there are certain days/ times of the month/ periods in a year when things are good and the opportunity arises, and times when everything goes really slow or stagnates.

So before you start judging your state of spirit, productivity, the mood in relationships,  as being bad, try to check if Earth is in a bad conjunction with other planets.

If so, there is nothing you can do.

That period will pass.

Before you say that you don’t believe in this stuff, let me remind you, that the second most important science in Antiquity was the study of the stars(astrology), because the ancients knew that the movements of the planets are directly responsible for the human psychic.

So having this in consideration, whenever you fell out of balance, check out this four ways to get back on track:

  • “loose some of the things that are keeping you down” 

alt=”Four Ways To Get Back On Track”title

We all grew up with a set of beliefs and on top of that we picked up some more along the way.

Not all the best, and some of those beliefs, we actually transformed them in habits that dictate our life.

I like to make the analogy of carrying a backpack on your shoulders, and that backpack gets filled up with all sorts of thoughts, ideas, conceptions, point of views, and eventually gets so heavy that you can’t walk anymore.

So finding yourself in that situation, the logical thing to do would be to stop, go through your backpack, see which beliefs/habits no longer serve you and throw them away.

I know, easier said than done, but this is one of the quickest ways to lose those misconceptions that were holding you down and get back on the fast lane of life.

To do so, all you need is to arm yourself with awareness and have the courage to be true to yourself, even though you may not like what you see in the first place.

I guarantee that whenever you dare to fight your demons, life will reward you, making that backpack even lighter than you thought possible.

These are a few of my personal examples that made a big difference: quitting smoking,  quitting drinking, acknowledging my fear of uncertainty/future, dealing my jealousy( one of my biggest issues), giving up on all animal products from my diet( this came after years of documentation and as a result of compassion for all living creatures).

If you want to take this action but don’t know where to start, I suggest applying the 80/20 rule described in “The 4-hour work week” by Tim Ferris.

  • Get yourself out of your comfort zone

The only way to lose weight is to work out, the only way to build a business is through work, and the only way to be good at anything is to take massive action in that way.

All that implies getting out of your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries little by little.

Does it hurt?

Of course, it does!

However, according to the Law of Duality(Ying/Yang), all that pain will be turned into power, fulfillment, and victory somewhere in your future.

All you have to do is, start taking baby steps and to be persistent in your actions.

Why is leaving your comfort zone important?

Because it implies taking action.

I am as a person, very fearful whenever I think of the future, that’s why my “cure” for this particular fear is to change cities/countries every 2 years and laugh at fear in its face.

After I do that, I am at peace for at least one year.

This is by far, my favorite method in defeating my fears and the quickest way to get back on track.

  • Start a new good habit

We all work on patterns and habits and that is excellent, otherwise, we would have to keep learning the same things over and over again.

Some of our habits are conscious like deciding to go every day to the gym, others are just impregnated in our life( brushing our teeth in the morning when you’re half-asleep).

The problem is we also have bad habits or vices: smoking, swearing, eating rubbish food at night, gambling and so on).

What I realized in my own life, is that whenever I go through a bad period, these vices tend to amplify as well, and if not stopped, they can turn into serious addictions.

So the best way to counter that is to start a good habit, something that you know it will benefit your body or mind.

To give you an example here are some of my habits:

-30 min per day of Duolingo( mobile application to learn and perfect my Spanish, Italian and French)

-at least 30 min of reading before going to sleep

-do some push-ups whenever I have the chance during the day ( I do series of 30 and it takes just 30 seconds).

If you want to take it to the next level and have awesome results in your life I strongly suggest to lose a bad habit( like smoking) and replace it with a good one ( jogging ).

  • Visualize yourself having an easy ride


I spoke about the power of visualization in the past and I consider it to be the main tool for creating my reality so far.

Ever since I saw the film “The Secret” back in 2009, I have used and perfected this method to the point where all the major things in my life ( job, house, car, even my girlfriend) were attracted consciously.

So every time some of my close ones are having a rough time, and come to me for advice, I recommend them to go in a quiet place, play some music and just to see them selfs getting back on track.

Thinking good will shift everything around you: situations, people or relationships, you name it.

In fact, it is probably compulsive bad thinking who brings us to these dark stages of our life, in the first place.

To make it more effective you can take some action as well.

For example, if you find yourself, let’s say, in debt and struggle to find a good job that would get you out of that debt fast, start visualizing (daily, until you reach your goal)  having an extremely well-paid job and start looking for it( check it online, ask your friends, look for signs).

You can use it, basically for any type of bump you encounter in your life, no matter how big and scary it may seem.

It’s really funny how catastrophic some situations appear in our life at first sight, but once you deal with them you see that it wasn’t that bad.

Life is as serious and as hard as you wanted to be.


I hope my insights were of value and that you can use my four ways to get back on track whenever you think life lost its sense of humor.

All the best












Posted by historyalex on July 2, 2017

How to have a great day, every day: 5 personal tips

I don’t believe there’s a single person on this Earth who doesn’t want to have a great day, every day.

Myself, like the mass majority of people,  have lived my life on default mode, until a few years ago when I realized that there are other states of mind that can be induced quite easy

There are many states of mind in which a person can find itself, however, they can  be all separated into two big groups, and those are:

  • good states of mind
  • bad states of mind

You may ask why “states of mind”?

Because if you are in the right state of mind, nothing and no one can touch or harm you in any way.

We are talking about that state of peace, joy, and gratefulness where it doesn’t matter what you do, or where you are- you are just happy.

So in order to have a great day, every day, I follow these steps:

1) I am grateful.

This is the very first thought I have when I wake, and I am always thankful to be alive, healthy, to have a home, a beautiful girlfriend next to me, and so on.

I actually made it a ritual, where for the first 30 minutes (as long as I brush my teeth and have a shower) I am thankful for everything I have in my life.

Just that, puts me in a state of mind where I’m feeling blessed and at peace, regardless of how busy or stressful my day looks ahead.

I can not stress enough how important is to be grateful for what you already have and how beneficial is for you to see the big picture in life, even when things don’t look that good.

Try to remind yourself during the day to be grateful for the actions that you are engaged in, and in time make it your default state of mind.

2) I meditate.

I have been practicing different forms of meditation since 2009 and really swap between them every now and then.

Finally, I ended up doing a kind of meditation that works just fine for me, however, I would suggest trying more than one kind and see which works better for you.

Why is meditation important?

Because it silences your mind.We have about 60.000 thoughts crossing our mind every day and that is stressful enough.

Meditation implies focusing on your breath/heart beats/inner body so that your thoughts run somewhere in the background.

You will then find silence and peace, and that is one of the most valuable “commodities” of our modern lifestyle.

In time the benefits of meditation will be seen in every aspect of your life: relationships, work, family, physical and mental health.

NOTE: a book that I find it to be very useful is “Meditation within Eternity” by Eric Pepin

3) I workout

The first Latin expression I came across when I was a kid, was: “Mens sana in corpore sano” meaning ” Healthy mind in healthy body”, and it’s still to this day, one of my core rules.

I tried a few sports in my youth and since I was 20 years old, hit the gym at least 3 times per week.

However, the best results I had so far were with my last program, which I started almost half year ago.

The funny thing is, it doesn’t require going to gym or working out until exhaustion( like I used to do in the past)

It’s called “calisthenics” and it’s basically doing exercises with your own body weight: like crunches, pull-ups, squats, push-ups.

The best part is that I don’t do it more than 30 minutes per day and I can do it in my own living room in the morning, listening to my favorite music.

The catch is that you have to do it every day and preferably with no or small breaks between the exercises.

But the results can be amazing, especially if you double it with a good diet.

My advice is to make it a lifestyle rather than just a temporary workout

However, if you are in need of losing weight fast and get ripped, I suggest the training called “Insanity” made by Shaun T.

4)  I Listen to good music

Usually, I combine listening to music with visualizing, because this enhances both of them, making the latter produce better results (at least in my case).

Music is one of the quickest ways to get in a good mood and you should use is it as a weapon against stress.

The best way to do this is to have an anti-stress folder already made on your phone or laptop with the songs that you know will touch your soul and get you in that place of inner-peace.

Also, it’s good to start your day with a few good songs from that folder because that will set the mood for the rest of the day.

The same is advisable for ending a day, with the note that while you listen to your music, you should remember only the good things from that day and focus just on them.

5) I read at least 30 minutes before going to bed

alt="How to have a great day, every day: 5 personal tips"title
alt=”How to have a great day, every day: 5 personal tips”title

I changed reading for watching TV or scrolling on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram a while ago and the fruits of that are starting to show up.

Besides the primary advantages of this (switching to good rather than bad messages), you get to read what other great people thought, and in time you will start thinking like them, thus changing your whole perspective on life and eventually changing your actual lifestyle.

It seems that the human brain can not distinguish between reading a book and listening to a live conversation.

In other words, it is the same for your brain to read a book by Shakespeare or to actually speak with him.

On the topic that you choose, you will develop a rich vocabulary in time, and that might help you in your business, in your personal life, or just make a good communicator out of you.

Every successful man or woman read on a daily basis and consider reading one of their top habits.(just as an example, Bill Gates said that he read two books per week for the last 20  years).

To become a giant you have to stay on their shoulders first and listen to them.

So I really hope my personal 5 tips were of value to you and will help you to have a great day, every day

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Posted by historyalex on June 30, 2017

You Can Always Start Over Again

“Wherever you are, whatever you are going, you can always start over again”

I saw this line in a movie a few years ago and it resonated so much with me, that after the movie ended I was still thinking about it and trying to think if I could apply it in my own life.

In case you are wondering the movie is called “The curious case of Benjamin Button”, and I personally consider it one of the most inspirational films ever created.

I know, easy to say, extremely difficult to put it in practice.

But why is it actually so hard to start over, to change paths in life, or just to take action in another direction?

My opinion is that our set of values and beliefs act like heavy stones holding us down.

Why our beliefs?

Easy, because everything starts in our mind with a single thought and base on further judgment we take decisions.

For most of us, this is where almost all the dreams get crushed, never reaching the stage of planning, researching, or putting it in practice.

We all have developed along the years certain filters through which we choose all that we think, speak, judge, and take decisions upon.

These filters are mostly inherited from our family, community, country, and some of them learned from school, media,  or personal relationships.

Now, I’m not saying this is bad;

However, some of them are out of date and no longer serve us in this continuously changing world, which already tends to loose everything that is not true, transparent, or practical.

One of those old beliefs which have an echo everywhere in the Western world is the idea of security/stability.

We saw in last years many events like Stock Market crashes, Banks or Pension Founds going bankrupt, big insurance companies falling apart, all telling us one message: “the old world is dying”.

So how does one survive in the new emerging world?

You embrace the unknown, you let yourself by driven by life rather that trying to control everything, you reinvent yourself many times in the course of a lifetime, you get out of your comfort zone as frequently as possible and just truly live.

In the old mentality, you would live your life until the mid ’20 than you would get a job, start a family and slowly die( meanwhile you would eat as much as you could, and get fat).

Nowadays, you have the Internet to leverage, in order to start over again as many times as you want.

Thank God it’s not the ’90 anymore, where everything was just a hustle and the world seemed like a scary jungle.

Now we live a period of general enlightenment.

Don’t you think so?

Let me think of the ways I have been able to use the Internet in my favor in the last few years:

  • changed three cities in Romania (looked for rent and jobs)
  • Move to Greece (looked for rent and jobs)
  • Move to England (everything is online here)
  • Learned 3 foreign languages
  • Learned to flair with the bottles
  • Started an Online Business
  • Booked everything and made an Itinerary for a one-year voyage to South America.

I’m pretty sure that if you stop right now from reading and think about how much the Internet has helped you in the last few years you can make a list three times bigger than mine.

And further more if you have a problem or find yourself in a situation that you want to get out of, I’m confident that if you Google it, you will find related stories, ways to overcome it, and groups of interest.

In my opinion, there is no more room for excuses now.

You live in a world where you have all rights granted, you have a stable ONLINE economy upon wich you can build anything, and you have the Internet to educate yourself in every way you desire.

The only things holding us down are self-beliefs( I can’t do that, I don’t know, I have kids, it’s too late), and procrastination( which is entirely your fault and always comes with regrets when reaching an old age).

So if you find yourself in a roadblock, in a bad marriage or relationship, in a job that doesn’ fulfill you, or have a burning desire to see the world, first slap that monkey inside your head that is always telling you WHY you can’t do it ,and then start researching and educating yourself.

If you believe it you can always start over again!

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Posted by historyalex on June 29, 2017

Does Spirituality Drive Success?

Does spirituality drive success or is it just smoke and mirrors?

Does Spirituality Drive Success?

This is the question to ask if you are living in 2017 on planet Earth and want to be an entrepreneur or simply to succeed in a certain area.


Because people( for the first time in the modern age) actually take in consideration this aspect and don’t look at you as a nutcase when debating it.

However, the situation wasn’t like this a few years back, in fact, it was the other way around.

I personally, started looking into the spiritual side of life in 2008-2009 and once I found out this new level of existence, I was totally hooked and educated myself as much as I could.

It was like I found the “missing link” of Life itself.

I started reading book after book, then looked online for more people who knew more about this, and ultimately I put everything to the test to see if it really works or I have been totally deceived.

I guess the ultimate test was in 2009 when I graduated University and had to get a job.

Not really that hard right?

Well, it shouldn’t be, unless, you have a degree in Modern History and you want to find a job in the high-level corporate sector.

My options( with the degree I had) were to work in a  Library, The National Archives, or best case scenario, to find a place on an archeological site.

But I wanted money, social status and to roll with the big players.

So I used the rule of Attraction in my meditations to imagine myself in that very position where I was working in a tall office building, dressed in a suit, speaking business on the phone, and have crazy night outs in posh places with my colleagues.

To be honest, I did it just for fun, convinced that I would never be able to get this kind of job.

I had friends who graduated Business School and even for them it was hard to find a job in a good company without several recommendations or some sort of prior experience.

So I decided to have a plan B and apply for masters in case nothing good would pop up in the near future.

I attended Masters for a few weeks, and then one day while I was reading the newspaper, I saw this ad that caught my eyes.

The ad itself was ridiculously simple and didn’t give any specifications, so I decided to call and scheduled an interview.

Only when I reached that specific place(and realized how serious everything was) and after a 2-hour  interview with my future boss (who broke every neuron of my brain), I was ready to give up on my corporate lifestyle.

But Life had other plans for me.

This company was looking for people with certain skills and abilities, who were not educated in the formal business system.

It seemed I was one of the lucky 20,( out of hundreds of people that applied) and after an intensive few weeks of training, I found myself dressed in a suit, talking on the phone with CEOs and bank managers across Europe, trying to “close them” and get that high commission.

It wasn’t until the company’s Christmas party that I realized all of these were the actual things I had imagined in my meditations.

At a point in the middle of the party, I stopped and looked around me.

I was in a posh mountain villa, partying high-class with my colleagues, all paid by the same company who offered me a position a few months earlier.

At that very moment, I was aware for the first time in my life, of how important is to link the spiritual tools with the day-to-day living and how much, a few minutes of meditation per day, can change your life.

I have been using ever since this tool, any many others, to drive in my life desired things, situations, and people.

Does spirituality drive success?

In my opinion, there is no way around it, and even if you could do it just through pure work, why would you choose the hard way?

Once you get deeper into the subject you will realize that using spirituality for success is just scratching the surface.

More than that you can use it to live your life in a state of peace and happiness, to discover your deepest fears and deal with them, and to realize you are not just a body, but the creator of your life, the true God of your own Universe.

Once you reconnect with your intuition, with that higher-self, and let yourself be driven by it, success is inevitable, however, your idea of success might change drastically as your perception will be much higher and you will no longer define it by how big your bank account is, but by the quality of your state of mind.

For years I studied this aspect of life called spirituality, without talking with my close ones or family, for the fear of not being ridiculized or just misunderstood.

But it’s clear for me now, that in the future it will mandatory for everyone who wants a certain level of stability in their life, no matter if that is on the financial, social, or personal level.

We are now in 2017 and I am actually writing a blog post on this topic- how amazing is that!?

I really hope you get to study and understand the real principles of life and put them into practice because if you do so, spirituality won’t only drive success, but your whole life will be one big success.

Here are a few books that helped me in my spiritual jurney and have been a milestone at certain moments:

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

“Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins

All the best