Does Spirituality Drive Success?

Does spirituality drive success or is it just smoke and mirrors?

Does Spirituality Drive Success?

This is the question to ask if you are living in 2017 on planet Earth and want to be an entrepreneur or simply to succeed in a certain area.


Because people( for the first time in the modern age) actually take in consideration this aspect and don’t look at you as a nutcase when debating it.

However, the situation wasn’t like this a few years back, in fact, it was the other way around.

I personally, started looking into the spiritual side of life in 2008-2009 and once I found out this new level of existence, I was totally hooked and educated myself as much as I could.

It was like I found the “missing link” of Life itself.

I started reading book after book, then looked online for more people who knew more about this, and ultimately I put everything to the test to see if it really works or I have been totally deceived.

I guess the ultimate test was in 2009 when I graduated University and had to get a job.

Not really that hard right?

Well, it shouldn’t be, unless, you have a degree in Modern History and you want to find a job in the high-level corporate sector.

My options( with the degree I had) were to work in a  Library, The National Archives, or best case scenario, to find a place on an archeological site.

But I wanted money, social status and to roll with the big players.

So I used the rule of Attraction in my meditations to imagine myself in that very position where I was working in a tall office building, dressed in a suit, speaking business on the phone, and have crazy night outs in posh places with my colleagues.

To be honest, I did it just for fun, convinced that I would never be able to get this kind of job.

I had friends who graduated Business School and even for them it was hard to find a job in a good company without several recommendations or some sort of prior experience.

So I decided to have a plan B and apply for masters in case nothing good would pop up in the near future.

I attended Masters for a few weeks, and then one day while I was reading the newspaper, I saw this ad that caught my eyes.

The ad itself was ridiculously simple and didn’t give any specifications, so I decided to call and scheduled an interview.

Only when I reached that specific place(and realized how serious everything was) and after a 2-hour  interview with my future boss (who broke every neuron of my brain), I was ready to give up on my corporate lifestyle.

But Life had other plans for me.

This company was looking for people with certain skills and abilities, who were not educated in the formal business system.

It seemed I was one of the lucky 20,( out of hundreds of people that applied) and after an intensive few weeks of training, I found myself dressed in a suit, talking on the phone with CEOs and bank managers across Europe, trying to “close them” and get that high commission.

It wasn’t until the company’s Christmas party that I realized all of these were the actual things I had imagined in my meditations.

At a point in the middle of the party, I stopped and looked around me.

I was in a posh mountain villa, partying high-class with my colleagues, all paid by the same company who offered me a position a few months earlier.

At that very moment, I was aware for the first time in my life, of how important is to link the spiritual tools with the day-to-day living and how much, a few minutes of meditation per day, can change your life.

I have been using ever since this tool, any many others, to drive in my life desired things, situations, and people.

Does spirituality drive success?

In my opinion, there is no way around it, and even if you could do it just through pure work, why would you choose the hard way?

Once you get deeper into the subject you will realize that using spirituality for success is just scratching the surface.

More than that you can use it to live your life in a state of peace and happiness, to discover your deepest fears and deal with them, and to realize you are not just a body, but the creator of your life, the true God of your own Universe.

Once you reconnect with your intuition, with that higher-self, and let yourself be driven by it, success is inevitable, however, your idea of success might change drastically as your perception will be much higher and you will no longer define it by how big your bank account is, but by the quality of your state of mind.

For years I studied this aspect of life called spirituality, without talking with my close ones or family, for the fear of not being ridiculized or just misunderstood.

But it’s clear for me now, that in the future it will mandatory for everyone who wants a certain level of stability in their life, no matter if that is on the financial, social, or personal level.

We are now in 2017 and I am actually writing a blog post on this topic- how amazing is that!?

I really hope you get to study and understand the real principles of life and put them into practice because if you do so, spirituality won’t only drive success, but your whole life will be one big success.

Here are a few books that helped me in my spiritual jurney and have been a milestone at certain moments:

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

“Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins

All the best