Find your balance so you can have peace

Probably the most desired thing in the whole world- peace, is the end goal behind every wish.

Whether you want financial stability and freedom, a happy family, a better job or to be your own boss, or whatever means to a goal, deep down in your heart you’re probably looking for the same feeling, and that is peace.

Now, peace of mind is something people have tried to achieve: consciously (through meditation and prayer) or unconsciously ( just by pursuing happiness), by letting go of all possessions or by gaining as much as possible.

Gautama Siddhartha as he was trying to achieve Nirvana and become the Buddha he realized that by going to the extreme with fasting, meditation, and isolation he would never reach that wanted state of mind.

He said that a human being is just like a violin chord, if it’s too loose it will not play and if it’s too tense it will snap, so you have to calibrate it perfectly to be able to get the desired sound, and that takes patience, focus, and awareness.

So if you want to achieve your personal Nirvana or your state of peace you have to find the equilibrium in your life.

Even though we are different from each other, even though we have different qualities, dreams, and expectations, our basic needs are pretty much the same, because we are all made from the same pattern: body-mind-spirit.

This is where people( in my opinion) make the biggest mistake: they do not acknowledge all these 3 aspects of our life and focus only on one or two of them, neglecting the third.

It’s like having three kids and playing, nurturing, and taking care of just one or two, thus leaving the third to starve.

90% of the population do not take care of their third child: body (bad diet, not working out, drinking, smoking, etc), mind (lazy, jealous, selfish, addicted to stuff), spirit (not being present and aware of its own intuition)

But on the other hand what happens when you have three children and give them the same amount of love, attention, and care, even though your resources may be limited?

They appreciate you, love you back and more important than that they are not envious of each other and collaborate in good brotherhood.

I ask you, can it be the same with your human aspects?

Can it be that one of your “children” feels neglected and speaks to your through a disease, perhaps, or not having that flow in your life or through extended stress?

I think Yes.

And every time we find ourselves in those moments where things are not moving in the right direction, let’s just stop and analyze, and see which part of us needs working on, and which of our chords need to loosen.

You see peace can be attained quite easily if one has the proper awareness to observe his life from a different perspective and act according to its instinct.

We all saw those people who vibrate and radiate pure happiness and strength, and who seem to fly through life completing with ease every goal they set.

Could it be that all of them have taken care of their body, stayed focus,  and have been grateful and compassionate?

I really hope this article has brought value into your life and I wish you all the best