I was born an immigrant

Are we all born immigrants?

Hi there,

Today I want to touch a subject that is still tabu in our society.

Even though a very famous guy called Jesus encouraged us to love one another, and a really cool Asian dude named Buddha said that we have to be compassionate with all living things, we, as a collective consciousness, still lack these basic values.

On this note I would like to speak a bit about immigration, why it arouses, and how do I see it.

Firstly I have to say that I was born an immigrant. In my opinion, we all are, as we enjoy this amazing experience called “life on Earth” just for a glimpse compared to the age of the planet, or more, of the Solar System.

Is separation something that we learn or something real?

So I was born in Romania, a very nationalistic country in Eastern Europe, and from an early age I was thought (more like brainwashed) that our people are great, we had many heroes in the past, and we defeated all our neighbors whenever they try to mess with us.

As I grew up, some of the stories got a bit too much, saying that we were actually that first civilisation on Earth, that we possessed amazing technologies, that our country is the garden of Eden or that we are the promised land (there are a lot of people in Romania who actually believe this).

And for a while, I actually thought that some of them are true.

That is until I got out of the Romania and found out that every country has this kind of stories and they all believe that, in one way or another are BETTERS THAN THE REST.

And this has a lot to do with immigration, as the mass majority of people think that they are better that others just because they were born in a certain country, culture, or family.

In my vocabulary these people are called “closed minded” and they are no different than my fellow countrymen who think that Romania is the promise land of God.

It’s funny to me how every time we meet someone new we always see his or her differences like: he’s black or Asian, or he’s from the south of the country and has a funny accent, or he’s from that specific neighborhood.

But the thing is after you get to know that person really well, you don’t see all of those features that separated you before. Now you see reflections of your own personality like: he’s really funny, or he’s quite sensitive or careful.

So whenever we like a person we go beyond his physical features and see his true face- the face of his soul.

But what happens when that very person does something that we don’t like or we don’t agree with his actions: we start judging again, calling him names or labeling him as an outsider or something that we are not.

That in my vocabulary is called selfishness and that is not the real person speaking, but a very evil entity called the Ego.

So when speaking about immigration and immigrants we are actually speaking about people that come from other places, who are of course different because they belong to another culture or race, etc and who basically have a desire to live.

You may say that immigration is not natural, that everyone should stay in their own countries because that is where they belong.

Is migration something unnatural?

Well, in this case, let’s have a look at the animal world.

Should we ban the wild gooses and ducks that travel across continents, or the butterflies, or the animals in Africa who are in search of water in the dry season, or how about the whales who travel thousands of miles every year to breed?

Or let’s have a look at our recent history: Alexander the Great left Macedonia to travel all the way to India, the Romans went from the Italic Peninsula to Britania, the Portugues left for Brazil, the British to India and China, the Americans to the Middle East, Muslims in Europe and the Chinese … well, they are everywhere.

When looking from this perspective you would say, that we as a species are built in such a way that we just can’t stand still.

And that is a good thing because this is what life is all about, GETTING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, experiencing the world, meeting new people with different ideas, seeing other places, eating different food, learning other languages, etc.

This is how a person grows, by learning new stuff and by experiencing directly.

I think that everyone should travel for at least one year of their life because traveling gets the best out of you.

It puts you in situations where you need other people’s help, or depend on them and that leads to my favorite value: humbleness.

I have never met a person who traveled or was an immigrant and did not have a certain degree of humbleness.

You may ask why being humble so important. Because if you are humble you will feel compassion for people, and that is one step away from that LOVE that Jesus is talking about.

Is there something better in the future for us?

Luckily for us, the new generations, are born with a much higher level of common sense that their parents and grandparents and see the world as their playground with everyone invited to play as long as they play nice.

In the last years, a new category of people arose, (all Millennials) who are labeled “digital nomads”

They are called like that because they are literally nomads, as they don’t own a home, they are not bound to a certain place for work, and they move from country to country, continent to continent having online jobs or just working whatever while enjoying different countries and cultures for a short while.

And “digital” because they leverage the power of the Internet, starting from finding hosts or cheap accommodations through platforms like Airbnb, or from booking flights or Taxis, up to making a passive income while traveling.

Now… I am proud to be part of this crazy new community.

We usually do not judge, we are glad to help each other, no matter the color of our skin or nationality and we have a great desire to constantly learn new stuff, and we play life rather than living it.

I was born an immigrant, because I know I’m just a guest on this planet.

And I try to behave like one, that means  I treat my “host” and the other guests with respect, I don’t make a mess while I stay, I don’t try to get more that I need, and I surely don’t think that anything belongs to me, as in just a blink of an eye, I will leave in same way that I came: by myself and with nothing on me

Thank you and see you around the world.