Learn how to become financially free- episode 2

How to become financially free – The enemies  of freedom

This is the second article of the “How to become financially free” series and if you haven’t read my first post I highly recommend you to do so, as it is a continuation of it.Today I will point out the first and biggest obstacles on this road, of financially freedom, and how to overcome them
We already know from the first episode that the main reason why the mass majority of people are not financially free yet is due to their education.You see, this education worked like a slow brainwashing process, with the goal of making the individual think that the only option is getting a job.
Now if a person decides that, he or she, wants to take life into their own hands, you might think that the first obstacles that they would encounter would come from either: society, the System or other people.
Well let me assure you that this is completely wrong, and before someone else even hears about your freedom ideas, your mind will be the first and toughest enemy to overcome.The mindset that you now have has been built slowly and cheerfully throughout your life by family, religion, and education and it all breaks down to one word: OBEY – which is obviously the opposite of being free, and in control.

If you’ve been in that situation ,where ,just for a second you dared to imagine yourself living a life without any constraints, you know that as soon as you opened your eyes, a rush of thoughts bombarded you, saying that, perhaps you are not worthy of such a lifestyle, or this dream is so far away from you and so hard to get that there’s no reason to start in the first place.
This is the first wave of bad thoughts that your mind will send you.Now, the best thing that you can do is to start educating yourself on this matter , because knowledge is power , it offers certainty,balance and strength.The internet is abundant with information of every kind, in our days , and if you want to develop a new skill or just want to find out something, you are just one click away from it.

However, this can be a double-edged sword,  because the volume of information is enormous and may seem overwhelming.On top of this, you have a good number of spam, get-rich-quick schemes, or information that just doesn’t have any value.

At this point, your mind will launch, what I call, the second wave of attack.It will say that all this is confusing, that you have no idea which information is good and which is bad, and that you don’t even know where to start from
Take a deep breath, and relax.Nobody was born educated; there is a process to follow.
Me personally, I imagine and visualize my goal in detail.It is the method Arnold Schwarzenegger used in his life to become Mister Olympia, then a famous actor in Hollywood, then an important political figure.I read an article about him when I was a student and made sense to me (how else can you try 3 different careers and be successful in all of them?). After winning 7 times the best bodybuilder in the world he was asked if he will continue competing.He replied that he will become the best actor in Hollywood. You can imagine how the people reacted to this statement: his English was far from good and his acting skills 0 however, now, we all know the outcome.

 The first step in becoming financially free is a strong  MINDSET


So starting this journey with the right mindset is essential in my opinion.Then you have to prioritize this goal and start learning about it.There are tons of testimonials out there from people who started from nothing and made it all the way to the top.Find the patterns in this stories, the common things that bind these people together and make your own opinion.
There are a lot of ways to make money online, and all of them, no matter which one you choose, will require your time, effort and hard work.
Before ending this post, I want to introduce you to a community of entrepreneurs, people who have made it(so to say), and who are willing to teach others on how to start their own journey towards becoming financially free.

Thank you and see you soon

Alex Insuratelu