Learn how to become financially free- episode 3

How to become financially free online and where to get started

Today I will speak about how to become financially free online and how to get started,even if you don’t have a business or any prior experience .This is the 3rd episode of “How to become financially free”  series and if you haven’t seen the first two episodes I will highly recommend you to have a look as they are linked together.

In the last episodes, I’ve talked about the mindset that you should have when starting this journey how important this is.First of all , forget about the limitations that were put on you by : the education system,teachers ,family,or society in general.They just don’t apply to the times that we live in right now.Now we have the Internet(which you can use  like a mega-library or as a mentor, to guide you).All you need is some sort of gadget(smartphone ,tablet, or laptop) to connect, time to work ,and patience. It’s also crucial that you break out of those :”I’m not good enough” or “I don’t know nothing about it” kind of states of spirit.We all have that “tiny guy on the shoulder” who’s constantly advising us not to believe, or not to act.Tell him to shut up and let you be.
Once you made the conscious decision that you are going to become financially free online you must arm yourself with a lot of patience, and be willing to put in the work that is required.
You have to understand this doesn’t come over night ,and depending on how fast you learn and how much energy you allocate , it can take from weeks up to years.Before you feel discouraged by the word “years”,I want you to look back and see how much effort you put in order to get this job that you currently have ,job that probably doesn’t fulfill you.

I will ask you now:”Are you not willing to  spend 10-20 hours per week for something that in a year could bring you financial freedom for the rest of your life?”.Just think of the implications :no boss, no commute,no dead-lines,freedom of movement,time to spent with the family or friends and the most important ,no stress. And “Are you willing to redirect your energy into something that in time could become your online business and provide the lifestyle that you desire?”
If what I said so far resonates with you ,the best thing to do, especially if you are starting from scratch, is to get into affiliate marketing until you have your own product or service that you can sell.Affiliate marketing is basically selling others people stuff for a commission.
For that ,you can start your own shop on Shopify.Shopify is like an online mall where you can sell all sort of things ,as long as you can drag people attention or if you already have a list of possible buyers.This is where the marketing part comes in.If you have a product and a platform to sell it from ,how can you make the people buy it from you?Work and creativity are the answer.


You can use others platforms like Amazon,as long as you find a product or a list of products that you think are worth selling.
A big advice would be to look for high ticket products that offer a big commission per sale.I think we would all agree when I say that is easier and less time-consuming to sell a product that is worth $2000 and comes with a 40% commission, then to sell 500 products at $5 for a 50% commission each.So choosing the right products and platform is essentially in my opinion.
This kind of products and services are not out of reach for beginners, however you need to do a proper market research before getting into it and know the product from head to tail
Is is for this reason why I want to introduce you to a community of entrepreneurs , people who can answer all your questions in regards to how you should start this journey, and more important ,who can give you the right tools.

Thank you and see you soon

Alex Insuratelu