Learn how to become financially free- episode 1

Learn how to become financially free without having any skills in business – with the help of the Internet

“How can I become financially free?” is a question more and more people ask these days.In fact, if you ended up reading this post you are probably in a position where you are having a 9-5 job and looking for a way out.Let me assure you right from the start you are in the right spot.
Because, in my opinion, this topic is very important and may be a life changer for a lot of you, I’ve decided to structure it in 3 episodes so that you understand it properly, and use this information as much as possible.
Believe it or not, the mass majority of people don’t even take into consideration the option of being financially free,their sole purpose ,after graduating high school or university is getting a job.
I’m not saying finding a job is a bad thing,it can definitely help you out when you don’t have any other options and can even teach you some valuable lessons like: respect,humbleness and responsibility, but we all know that it can lead to a life of frustration and lack of fulfillment.

The reason why 90% of people are not financially free is due to their EDUCATION.

You see the educational system hasn’t changed in the last 100 years.So we need to go back in time and understand the socio-economic context in which this system was elaborated               With the dawn of the industrial revolution, manpower was needed to fill up the factories and do the job that was required.In order to do so, the people needed to be educated in such a way that they could do basic tasks but never be smart enough to question the system.An individual could go up the ladder in the company after many years, however, he could never have the opportunity of reaching the top of the pyramid. Sound familiar!!???

Sound familiar?Of course, it does.This system is still being used today in western society
and obviously, this ‘education’ hasn’t changed either. Here are some stats:70%of US employees hate their job, only13% of people worldwide like going to work, and 82% of people don’t trust their boss or higher management.

We now have the perfect tool and means to become financially free

However things aren’t like they used to be 100 years ago ,and I am happy and thrilled to say we live in amazing times ,times of great change ,times when it seems everything is possible.I can go so far as to say that we are living another revolution: the information and technological revolution, and the main driver of this is the Internet.

The internet has made everything possible, and has connected people in real time. And from an economical point of view it has changed the game so that companies and their clients are no longer the only providers,but rather it is the people who help each other using online platforms like AIRBNB, UBER ,or FACEBOOK.
It didn’t take a lot of time until some of us took a step back ,observed ,and realized that the game is rigged. Using the internet and the concept of shared market ,they created what we know today as online businesses which eventually lead to passive income and financial freedom.
I understand that many of you are asking them self “how am i going to actually become financially free”?And what are someone’s options when they don’t know anything about, let’s say : trading in the stock market, managing real estates,or have a degree in business?
Well , I want to introduce you to a community of young entrepreneurs who are dedicated in exactly this: EDUCATION of people for the purpose of gaining financial freedom.Most of these people have started from basically nothing and thru hard work and determination became successful.And they have actually developed a system where you can start from zero skills and become financially free
So if you want to find out more click here , and get a free 7 days video series that will give you an overview on how to start an online business from scratch.

Thank you and see you soon

Alex Insuratelu