My personal four ways to get back on track fast

My personal four ways to get back on track fast

These are my personal four ways to get back on track whenever I feel that I’m not living life to my highest potential.

We all know that life is cyclical and we can see all around us that everything has ups and downs, so the problem isn’t you having a bad day/week/month, rather if you can get out of it.

If you have basic astrology knowledge you should know that there are certain days/ times of the month/ periods in a year when things are good and the opportunity arises, and times when everything goes really slow or stagnates.

So before you start judging your state of spirit, productivity, the mood in relationships,  as being bad, try to check if Earth is in a bad conjunction with other planets.

If so, there is nothing you can do.

That period will pass.

Before you say that you don’t believe in this stuff, let me remind you, that the second most important science in Antiquity was the study of the stars(astrology), because the ancients knew that the movements of the planets are directly responsible for the human psychic.

So having this in consideration, whenever you fell out of balance, check out this four ways to get back on track:

  • “loose some of the things that are keeping you down” 

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We all grew up with a set of beliefs and on top of that we picked up some more along the way.

Not all the best, and some of those beliefs, we actually transformed them in habits that dictate our life.

I like to make the analogy of carrying a backpack on your shoulders, and that backpack gets filled up with all sorts of thoughts, ideas, conceptions, point of views, and eventually gets so heavy that you can’t walk anymore.

So finding yourself in that situation, the logical thing to do would be to stop, go through your backpack, see which beliefs/habits no longer serve you and throw them away.

I know, easier said than done, but this is one of the quickest ways to lose those misconceptions that were holding you down and get back on the fast lane of life.

To do so, all you need is to arm yourself with awareness and have the courage to be true to yourself, even though you may not like what you see in the first place.

I guarantee that whenever you dare to fight your demons, life will reward you, making that backpack even lighter than you thought possible.

These are a few of my personal examples that made a big difference: quitting smoking,  quitting drinking, acknowledging my fear of uncertainty/future, dealing my jealousy( one of my biggest issues), giving up on all animal products from my diet( this came after years of documentation and as a result of compassion for all living creatures).

If you want to take this action but don’t know where to start, I suggest applying the 80/20 rule described in “The 4-hour work week” by Tim Ferris.

  • Get yourself out of your comfort zone

The only way to lose weight is to work out, the only way to build a business is through work, and the only way to be good at anything is to take massive action in that way.

All that implies getting out of your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries little by little.

Does it hurt?

Of course, it does!

However, according to the Law of Duality(Ying/Yang), all that pain will be turned into power, fulfillment, and victory somewhere in your future.

All you have to do is, start taking baby steps and to be persistent in your actions.

Why is leaving your comfort zone important?

Because it implies taking action.

I am as a person, very fearful whenever I think of the future, that’s why my “cure” for this particular fear is to change cities/countries every 2 years and laugh at fear in its face.

After I do that, I am at peace for at least one year.

This is by far, my favorite method in defeating my fears and the quickest way to get back on track.

  • Start a new good habit

We all work on patterns and habits and that is excellent, otherwise, we would have to keep learning the same things over and over again.

Some of our habits are conscious like deciding to go every day to the gym, others are just impregnated in our life( brushing our teeth in the morning when you’re half-asleep).

The problem is we also have bad habits or vices: smoking, swearing, eating rubbish food at night, gambling and so on).

What I realized in my own life, is that whenever I go through a bad period, these vices tend to amplify as well, and if not stopped, they can turn into serious addictions.

So the best way to counter that is to start a good habit, something that you know it will benefit your body or mind.

To give you an example here are some of my habits:

-30 min per day of Duolingo( mobile application to learn and perfect my Spanish, Italian and French)

-at least 30 min of reading before going to sleep

-do some push-ups whenever I have the chance during the day ( I do series of 30 and it takes just 30 seconds).

If you want to take it to the next level and have awesome results in your life I strongly suggest to lose a bad habit( like smoking) and replace it with a good one ( jogging ).

  • Visualize yourself having an easy ride


I spoke about the power of visualization in the past and I consider it to be the main tool for creating my reality so far.

Ever since I saw the film “The Secret” back in 2009, I have used and perfected this method to the point where all the major things in my life ( job, house, car, even my girlfriend) were attracted consciously.

So every time some of my close ones are having a rough time, and come to me for advice, I recommend them to go in a quiet place, play some music and just to see them selfs getting back on track.

Thinking good will shift everything around you: situations, people or relationships, you name it.

In fact, it is probably compulsive bad thinking who brings us to these dark stages of our life, in the first place.

To make it more effective you can take some action as well.

For example, if you find yourself, let’s say, in debt and struggle to find a good job that would get you out of that debt fast, start visualizing (daily, until you reach your goal)  having an extremely well-paid job and start looking for it( check it online, ask your friends, look for signs).

You can use it, basically for any type of bump you encounter in your life, no matter how big and scary it may seem.

It’s really funny how catastrophic some situations appear in our life at first sight, but once you deal with them you see that it wasn’t that bad.

Life is as serious and as hard as you wanted to be.


I hope my insights were of value and that you can use my four ways to get back on track whenever you think life lost its sense of humor.

All the best