Persistence is the Key to Success

Persistence is the Key to Success and the main secret of those who live a fulfilled life.

There is nothing better to describe something than with a real life example, and for this subject, I will pick Gary Vaynerchuk because you can’t get more persistent than this guy.

For those of you who have not heard about Gary or don’t know how he became a BILLIONAIRE, I will quickly share his story.

He came with his family in America when he was a kid, running from Soviet persecution in  Eastern Europe as they were Jewish.

Arriving as immigrants they were dead broke, so his parents had to work hard and save a lot, to be able to live in a tiny apartment.

With a lot of labor and determination, after a few years, his dad was able to open a liquor shop and Gary, being the older son, had to work in the family business.

Here is where PERSISTENCE and SUCCESS come into place: he had to work in this shop from the age of 14 until he was 30, from dusk to dawn, every day, no vacations, no days off !!!

In this time he saved all of his wages, not spending on anything that wasn’t of immediate importance, so by the end of these 16 years, he had a few hundred thousand dollars to invest and a lot of experience in business and marketing.

He invested wisely and those hundred of thousand turned into millions and so on, until the point that now he has the funds to buy the NY Jets.

On top of that, by the time he turned 30, he took his dad’s business to a value of 30 million dollars.

This is, in my opinion, the best motivational story, and can help anyone who is in a pursuit of a goal and reaches a roadblock or thinks of quitting.

Gary’s rules are simple and can be applied in any area, in fact, there is only one that needs following on a daily basis: WORK, WORK, and then WORK some more.

He knows, like any other successful man, that PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCES and this is why he advises anyone to take action, but in the same time to do it wisely.

So one should be super engaged and active on a micro level (a time frame of 24 hours) and turn every minute into value, however on the macro level ( years or even tens of years) he/she should be patient because a business or a career needs a lot of time until it becomes really successful.

On a personal note, I might add that there is one more ingredient missing in this “success soup” and that is passion.

Why is passion really important?

Chances are you are not like Gary (a Russian working machine that breaks all barriers with ease and has the stamina to do it for 15 years straight) and belong to the rest of 90% of the population.

In this case, you will inevitably, reach a point where you: can’t progress/feel discouraged/get bored/are lazy/get too much criticism/hit a dead end, and think about quitting.

Passion for your end-goal or for the actual action that you are engaged in will represent the main factor that will keep you on track.

More, the level of passion must be directly proportional or higher than the mudhole that you find yourself in at that point, otherwise, it will be very difficult to get out of it and carry on.

So let’s recap all that I said earlier:

  • Place and end-goal or start something that is passion driven
  • Take action every day by working on your goal/business
  • Be patient on the long term and give your dream time to materialize

There are a lot of reasons why companies or businesses fail, and far more excuses why people give up on their dreams, but when looking from a higher perspective they all have something in common and that is a lack of persistence.

So whenever you find yourself in that dark, lonely spot, surrounded by fears and doubt, remember that quitting is not an option and that persistence is the key to success!

Hope you got some value out of this and I wish you a great day!






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