Dust yourself off and try again!

“Dust yourself off and try again”

This is what I always say when I find myself in that place of fear, or just disappointed for the results of my actions.

You see, life is cyclical, in fact, this is the basic law of the Universe: Duality.Where there is light, it will be darkness, sadness is followed by laughter, youth by old age, and a human is completed by its partner

So it’s only natural to find duality all around us, everything has ups and downs: plants, animals, nature, seasons…so why not our state of mind?

We all crave for happiness, peace, and joy but this is just not the purpose of life on Earth.

A person can not appreciate peace entirely until she or he has tasted from the sour fruit of suffering, one can not expect glory until he made pain his ally, and courage does not reveal until one choke in its own fear.

It’s true to say that every human hits at some point that wall of despair, that moment where there’ s no solution and no way out.

That just comes with life.

It is how we manage those situations, where everything breaks down to one single, simple decision: pick yourself up and shake it off or stay down defeated.

We are all pretty much the same in many ways, however, the winners of this game called “Life On Earth” and the champions of the world, that 1% of the population have an extra feature that differentiates them from the rest, and that is Persistence.

They will continue even though they are filled with fear, even though their body no longer responds, even though everything seems finished, even though they may die in the process.

There are so many cultures on this planet, everyone with its own sagas and stories, but in every culture, you can find the voyage of initiation,  of the hero who embarks on the journey of finding that great treasure.

He is helped along the way by different characters, just so he can continue a bit further,  he fights terrible monsters, and when all seems gone, when there is no more hope and he is surrounded by dark forces and legions of demons, he takes one more deep breath and throws his last hit.

And that last hit was all he needed, as the demons or just illusions and the dark forces were no more than clouds.

Make no mistake, this story can be found everywhere in the world because it doesn’t belong to one culture or nation but it is rooted deep within every single human being and ready to reveal its self whenever we have to courage to follow this path.

It is the common noun that unites us in our personal quests.

We are all living our own saga, fighting our own fears, monsters, demons, and we all seek that treasure called Soul.

So wherever you are in your journey, whatever forces you have to fight back, never give up, take one more step, because it may just be the last one in reaching your goal.

We are all heroes in our personal lives and all have vicious fears to overcome.

We just need to remember that we are already born with all the tools required to win.

This is for you, the one who never gives up, the one who is always playful, the one who is compassionate, the one who is true to himself no matter what.