Why is Facebook so successful!?

Ok, I’m not reinventing the wheel by asking this question.

The obvious is there: Facebook is one of the most successful companies … ever!

However, they don’t actually have a product to sell as the rest of the traditional companies and still compete with very large corporations like McDonalds, Shell, or Apple.

And before I’ll tell you the reason, we have to briefly look at the social environment of today’s world.

Roughly 10 years ago a technology bomb exploded on our planet and if you’re not living high in the Himalayas or deep in the Amazon,  chances are you have felt it’s full intensity.

I personally see this “digital technology” as the second discovery of fire, just because, it gave Man a totally new perspective of the world and the implications of it can be seen in every single aspect of our lives.

We are now more connected than ever and that changed the rules of the game:

How can I trust the mainstream media when I see a Facebook Live telling me otherwise?

How can I pay $200 for a hotel room when I can rent a full apartment with $50 on Airbnb?

Why should I waste my time going to the Mall to buy a new TV when Amazon is selling it at 20% off and it gets it delivered to my doorstep?

My point is: the Old World is quickly being eaten by the New World and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

You either go along with the flow and take advantage of this new “fire” or swim against the current and “eat berries and live in the cave”.

Of course, with every big revolution, great visionaries are created, taking humanity to the next level by handing us the tools of the new world.

And by far the biggest one yet is Facebook.

Now, as I said earlier Facebook doesn’t have any products or services.

It’s basically just a platform where people interact and share their digital experiences.

The Secret of Facebook is simple: it mimics Life.

It is the first digital tool that mimics all aspects of our lives by using algorithms.

In Facebook, like in real life, you have your friends with whom you interact, socialize, and sometimes you unfollow or ignore them.

You belong to different groups, some public( like your neighborhood), others private( I’m not going to get into those).

You like some the things that you see in Life/Facebook and in return, L/F gives you more of those according to your actions.

You can advertise to your community in real life/Facebook and sell your goods or services or you can ask for a job/ look for people to work for you.

And nevertheless, share your experiences with your friends and family.

All in all, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg spotted this opportunity and materialized it in this amazing platform.

What did he actually see?

He saw that everything constructed by man is a mere copy of nature( from clothing and houses up to helicopters and sports cars), and created something according to that.

He saw that all aspects of our lives will move into the online world.

And last, he applied one basic rule of the Universe: “give and you shall receive”.

So now, that we put all this in perspective, I have a question for you:

What criteria should a company or a person meet in the new digital world?

I’m pretty sure you know the answer.

In my opinion, if you want to succeed, you need to have the followings as your base no matter what the field of operation:

  • link your activity/business/job with the online world and get followers or just connect with people like you.
  • if you want to be an entrepreneur focus on something that will help people or solve any kind of problems.
  • always give, give, give and then give some more, because at some point you will receive it tenfold.
  • automatize all that is possible- time is slowly but surely becoming the most valuable commodity on the market (don’t sell yours cheap!)

Thank you for your time and hope my insights were of help to you