You Can Always Start Over Again

“Wherever you are, whatever you are going, you can always start over again”

I saw this line in a movie a few years ago and it resonated so much with me, that after the movie ended I was still thinking about it and trying to think if I could apply it in my own life.

In case you are wondering the movie is called “The curious case of Benjamin Button”, and I personally consider it one of the most inspirational films ever created.

I know, easy to say, extremely difficult to put it in practice.

But why is it actually so hard to start over, to change paths in life, or just to take action in another direction?

My opinion is that our set of values and beliefs act like heavy stones holding us down.

Why our beliefs?

Easy, because everything starts in our mind with a single thought and base on further judgment we take decisions.

For most of us, this is where almost all the dreams get crushed, never reaching the stage of planning, researching, or putting it in practice.

We all have developed along the years certain filters through which we choose all that we think, speak, judge, and take decisions upon.

These filters are mostly inherited from our family, community, country, and some of them learned from school, media,  or personal relationships.

Now, I’m not saying this is bad;

However, some of them are out of date and no longer serve us in this continuously changing world, which already tends to loose everything that is not true, transparent, or practical.

One of those old beliefs which have an echo everywhere in the Western world is the idea of security/stability.

We saw in last years many events like Stock Market crashes, Banks or Pension Founds going bankrupt, big insurance companies falling apart, all telling us one message: “the old world is dying”.

So how does one survive in the new emerging world?

You embrace the unknown, you let yourself by driven by life rather that trying to control everything, you reinvent yourself many times in the course of a lifetime, you get out of your comfort zone as frequently as possible and just truly live.

In the old mentality, you would live your life until the mid ’20 than you would get a job, start a family and slowly die( meanwhile you would eat as much as you could, and get fat).

Nowadays, you have the Internet to leverage, in order to start over again as many times as you want.

Thank God it’s not the ’90 anymore, where everything was just a hustle and the world seemed like a scary jungle.

Now we live a period of general enlightenment.

Don’t you think so?

Let me think of the ways I have been able to use the Internet in my favor in the last few years:

  • changed three cities in Romania (looked for rent and jobs)
  • Move to Greece (looked for rent and jobs)
  • Move to England (everything is online here)
  • Learned 3 foreign languages
  • Learned to flair with the bottles
  • Started an Online Business
  • Booked everything and made an Itinerary for a one-year voyage to South America.

I’m pretty sure that if you stop right now from reading and think about how much the Internet has helped you in the last few years you can make a list three times bigger than mine.

And further more if you have a problem or find yourself in a situation that you want to get out of, I’m confident that if you Google it, you will find related stories, ways to overcome it, and groups of interest.

In my opinion, there is no more room for excuses now.

You live in a world where you have all rights granted, you have a stable ONLINE economy upon wich you can build anything, and you have the Internet to educate yourself in every way you desire.

The only things holding us down are self-beliefs( I can’t do that, I don’t know, I have kids, it’s too late), and procrastination( which is entirely your fault and always comes with regrets when reaching an old age).

So if you find yourself in a roadblock, in a bad marriage or relationship, in a job that doesn’ fulfill you, or have a burning desire to see the world, first slap that monkey inside your head that is always telling you WHY you can’t do it ,and then start researching and educating yourself.

If you believe it you can always start over again!

Thank you,